Lights, Camera, Action!


 Welcome to the Fix It In Prep blog. For those of you that don’t me I’m Andrew, a young producer trying to make my way in the world like a modern day Dick Whittington. For those of you that do know me, I’m still Andrew! 

I decided to start the blog as a way to talk about the everyday challenges facing filmmakers. Producing can often feel like a lonely existence where you’re constantly fighting an uphill battle just to get your project made. If it’s one of the lucky ones that does get made, you then face the next challenge of getting it seen which in today’s age of mega-franchises and audience fragmentation is no easy task. Unless you’ve spent the past few years living under a rock or on the International Space Station, you’ll be all too familiar with regularly hearing the indignant claims that “Indie film is dead”. It’s true that over the past decade the industry has undergone a greater degree of disruption and change than it has seen in the past century. However, the industry has always been driven by innovation, political and economic factors. When televisions first emerged everyone believed that it too would kill cinema. Instead, the two mediums have grown and found ways to compliment one another. It's up to us as young filmmakers to embrace the opportunity to explore new methods of financing and distributing our work. 

I’m not going to even try and pretend that I have a magic formula to the industry’s problems or what that new distribution model is. Instead, I wanted to write this blog to talk about the issues and hopefully provide genuine insights into how we can try to overcome them. Personally I find the shift away from traditional distribution models exciting as I believe it’ll open up new ways in which we can tell stories and develop relationships with our audiences. Each week I’ll be tackling a different aspect of producing for film, television and games. This could be anything from the practical aspects of choosing a location, to listing funding opportunities or talking about wider issues that affect the media industry.

My next blog is going to be slightly different as it’ll be about attending EGX as a games developer. Whilst studying at the National Film and Television School I began producing my first game Into The Black, a third person VR game set during the infamous Yellowstone wildfires of 1988. We showcased the first demo last year at EGX which went down so well that I’ve been invited back this year to help promote this year’s graduation games from the NFTS. In the article I’ll break down my top tips for how to make the most of exhibiting and publicising your game.

Over the coming weeks I’ll also be launching a database of talent schemes and funding opportunities for emerging filmmakers. It’s by no means a definitive list and will predominantly be focused on the UK industry, but I’m hoping that it’ll be useful for anyone who’s just starting out and looking for a bit of support whilst trying to break into the industry.

If anyone has any suggestions about topics they’d like to hear more about or is interested in writing guest articles on their speciality, I’d love to hear from you.